If I Were Leaving This Earth Tomorrow and Could "Share Only One Thing", It Would Be This...

Being Happy, Successful, Creative, Adventurous, and In-Love-With-Life Begins

The Moment We Work To Create and Maintain A "Happy, Successful, Creative, Adventurous, and In-Love-With-Life" Personal Narrative. 

Everybody knows that already, right?  In theory yes, but look around you - if everybody "knows that already", then why are so many still suffering so miserably and/or unknowingly from having-and-maintaining such poorly crafted personal narratives? 

Each person is "born into" a certain narrative that is provided by our family and community, and as we are going through life, the competition never ends, in the external world, to "try and" craft our narratives for us.  The secret to finally being free (and therefore happy, successful, creative, adventurous, and in-love-with-life) is to learn how to craft our own personal narratives, and learn to do so with great quality.  Each personal narrative becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy.  Here, on the positive side of the equation, is how this formula works: 

Positive Narratives Lead To Positive Attitudes Which Leads Us To Generate Positive Intentions and Ultimately Positive Intentions Lead Us To Generate, Experience and Enjoy Positive Actions In Life!

Do you see it for yourself?  This Is It - This Is The Simple Formula With Power To Changes Lives!


For Better Or For Worse

The truth is that we are all engaged in this formula, for better or for worse.  This means that we are all creating our own self-fulfilling prophecies.  The big question, then, is whether or not we are aimed to achieve greatness (happy, successful, creative, adventurous, and in-love-with-life).  The most important thing we can learn in life is how to create and maintain a great personal narrative - this is what is going to govern whether or not we are going to be happy, successful, creative, adventurous, and in-love-with-life!


Free Morning-Meditation and Hypnotic-Meditation

One free way to begin creating-and-maintaining a greater-and-greater narrative is to start your day with my Morning Meditation and then complete your day with my Hypnotic Meditation #2 (see links on next page).  This simple system is going to provide you with a very relaxing way to prime your brain-and-body with the kind of positive narrative that we all need to be happy, successful, creative, adventurous, and in-love-with-life!