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If I Were Leaving This Earth Tomorrow and Could

Share Only One Loving Thing With People Of

'All Shapes & Sizes', It Would Be The Following...

1) Being Happy, Successful, Creative, Adventurous, and In-Love-With-Life Begins The Moment We Decide To Create-and-Maintain A 'Happy, Successful, Creative, Adventurous, and In-Love-With-Life' Narrative Within The Heart-&-Soul Of Our Minds-&-Bodies!  


Then, If I Was Invited To Share Just One More Loving Thing,

It Would Be The Following...

2) 'Imagination' Is The 'Language Of The Brain', And Our Job Is To Use This Language In Constructive Ways To Actively Create-And-Maintain True Greatness In Our Lives!

And Then, If Asked To Share 'All That I Have Learned' And Share 'All That I Am Learning' About How To Be In Love With Life, I Would Begin Writing-&-Sharing A Book That...

3) ...Is At Once Creative, Engaging, Fun, Easy-To-Read, And That, Most-Of-All, Highlights The Pure-Adventure And Pure-Enjoyment In Life The Comes Right Along With Believing, Even If It Might Not Be True, That We Have Embarked On A Great Mission - Here - To Learn, Grow And Finally Graduate From Life-On-Earth! 


Q: When does this mission that 'brings pure-adventure and pure-enjoyment to life', even if it might not be true :), officially begin? 


A: We make it true, we make it official and we make it feel like pure-adventure and pure-enjoyment just as soon as we decide to create-and-maintain a 'happy, successful, creative, adventurous, and in-love-with-life' narrative within the heart-and-soul of our minds-&-bodies. This is when our mission officially begins - and it really works because 'imagination' is the 'language of the brain', and our job is to use this language in constructive ways to actively create-and-maintain true greatness in our lives! 

And So I Have Been Writing, Just As Described Above - A Beautiful Little Book Called 'The Adventures Of Gleb & Feth'.... To Read More About This Unique Book,

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