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And here, until I get back, is a short story to enjoy!


Moving Through Darkness


Young Student: How can anyone be truly happy when we are all surrounded by such darkness?


Older Student: True happiness is how we make light enough to move through the darkness.


Young Student: But what if we make light and just end up moving through more and more darkness, when can we stop making light?


Older Student: Why would we ever want to stop (making light)?


Young Student: But what if I just decide, one day, to stop making light? 


Older Student: Eventually you would die a miserable death.


Young Student: Okay, but what if I keep on making light and I still die? Everyone is going to die someday - being truly happy isn't going to make you live forever.


Older Student: Then eventually you will die happily instead of a miserably. :)

Nate Fegan

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