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Becoming The Architect Of Greatness!

Well-Meaning People Vs. Well-Meaning People

In life, it can be observed that there are many well-meaning people. Some are “well-meaning” simply in a search for good-emotions, others are “well-meaning” in a search for a basis-in-life that is both logical and mechanically sound, and still others can be found in two additional categories: one category that seeks a little more “fashion-over-function” and another category that seeks a bit more “function-over-fashion”.

In this way, there is an attempt by each well-meaning community to build their own version of the world we live in. On one end of the spectrum, a world would be “structured” simply by the search for good-emotions and on the other end of the spectrum a world would be structured upon the search for that which is both logical and mechanically sound.

When it comes to “bringing people in”, one community leverages emotional-logic which does not have to be based in actual fact, and the other community leverages logic that is mechanically sound which by its own nature must be factual. In this way, those in the middle who prefer a little more “fashion-over-function” tend toward the community built from emotional-logic and those in the middle who prefer a bit more “function-over-fashion” tend to gravitate toward the community built upon mechanically sound logic.

The Battle Between Artist and Architect

The description above leads us to become aware of and observe two contrasting brain-types and to observe a battle that is taking place between “artist” and “architect”. The artist, in this example, has a creative vision for what is going to entertain the senses and provide “good-emotions” and the architect is responsible for making sure that the artist’s creative vision can be realized in ways that are at once logical, mechanically sound, functional, safe, healthy, etc. Along the way, it is interesting to mention that there is a direct parallel here between an artist-and-architect and a child-and-parent. Like an artist, a child also has “creative visions” and seeks “good-emotions” while the parent, who must act as architect, is responsible for deciding if and when those creative visions can be realized in ways that are at once logical, mechanically sound, functional, safe, healthy, etc. In other words, if an important structure of any kind needs to be built, in a great team effort the artist and architect each have their unique roles to play, but when it comes to creating a lasting structure that is going to be logical, mechanically sound, functional, safe, healthy etc, the artist would do well to defer to the architect.

Choosing Our Roles Wisely

In life we all must step back and gain perspective in order to determine when we can be an artist and when we need to be the architect, determine when we can be child-like and when we need to be the parent, and determine when we can simply seek good-emotions and when [instead] we need to seek that-which-is going to be structured in logical and mechanically sound ways. When we really do learn to choose this role wisely, we can then accomplish nearly any positive goal, big or small, on our way to creating the happy, healthy, successful, and life-loving community that we really want. In other words, when we learn to base our important life decisions on an architectural view of function-before-fashion, we then automatically hold the key to creating, having and enjoying “good emotions” - the same cannot be said of an artist’s view of fashion-over-function.


Let us make all of our important life decisions using, first, the logical and mechanically sound basis needed to achieve greater-and-greater success, happiness, and love-for-life, and then decorate all of our “logical and mechanically sound architecture” with a bit of artistic flair on our way to then celebrate nature’s own function-over-fashion path to being in perfect alignment with the greatness of greatness itself! So many emotional strains and problems can be resolved instantly and avoided completely simply by becoming our own logical and mechanically sound architect of greatness - those who do not, are paying the price and those who do, get to celebrate all of the natural joy that comes with greatness, moment after moment!

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