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Being Truly Happy – Meditation – And More!

Number 50… :) Are you someone who has been able to discover that the only way to be truly happy, in this adventurous life, is to dissolve the ego (dissolve one’s sense of separateness and self-importance) and essentially learn to become “nobody special” as far as how we view ourselves? Compare this natural sense of ease, freedom and relief that comes right along with our ability to dissolve the ego and have this understanding to the lifelong difficulty many humans are facing as they are “trying” to be someone relevant, trying to be someone remarkable, trying to be someone who is the best, trying to be someone who is attractive, trying to be someone who is cool, trying to be someone who is popular, and the list just goes on-and-on in the never-ending rat-race that simply does not end until the ego has finally been dissolved.

Once we do dissolve our sense of separation-and-self-importance, we can then take-great-action, do-great-things and live-freely-positively-and-productively in masterful ways that might easily have others thinking that we are in fact relevant, remarkable, the best, attractive, cool, popular, and much more, but the simple difference is that we are generating this effect, within others when it happens, by having and adhering to an entirely different narrative.

Complete Mental, Physical and Emotional Relaxation

The moment we enter into the state of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation is the same moment that we find ourselves in the neutral space that exists right between our sense of absolute “nothingness” and our sense of absolute “everything-ness” - and as you might imagine, this neutral-and-deeply-relaxing state has truly great potential for providing total relief from the difficulties of ego as well as total relief from the difficulties of being human, so it might also come as no surprise that this neutral state is also where true happiness resides and where true happiness can be experienced most purely and most completely. This is the neutral space where we experience happiness for no reason other than that it is simply the space where we can experience deeply our truest nature minus all of the trappings that come with being human.

Pure Meditation and Personal Change

So, when we build practical-relaxation-skills and learn to enter into this state of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation, it becomes the discovery-moment that many (if not all of us) have simply been waiting for – it is the moment when we finally dissolve the ego-character-and-role that we had been playing in our lives. It is in this precise moment that we finally get to experience the beautiful, natural, deeply-relaxing, and truly-happy state that resides and exists in pure meditation (learn-more-link) which is simply another name for that neutral space that exists between our sense of absolute “nothingness” and our sense of absolute “everything-ness”. Even further, this is the deeply relaxing space where we get to remake and therefore choose which character-and-role we are going to return to in “waking-life”, and we can come back to this beautiful, deeply relaxing, truly happy, and deeply-constructive space just as many times as we need and/or want until we “get it right” and create the master-level character-and-role in life that we are simply going to love… growing forward!

Outside Looking In

I must warn the reader, because once we experience this neutral-state-of-pure-meditation and experience our true nature that is “minus all of the trappings that come with being human”, it is possible that the endless patterns ordinary humans are repeating mindlessly each day are going to seem quite meaningless, undesirable and even flat-out depressing. This pivotal moment, however, of greater-and-greater self-reflection can provide us with the pure-inspiration and the pure-motivation needed to really go-for-and-achieve total mastery and total greatness in life, or it is possible that such disillusionment could potentially knock us completely off-balance for awhile. Either way, this disillusionment / pivotal-moment-and-life-changing-opportunity is exactly what we all need in order to, instead, wake up and begin to build patterns that really are constructive, meaningful, mindful and that really are going to create the greatest possible happiness, success and love-for-life not just for ourselves, but for everything-and-everybody around us to enjoy as well!

Three Mechanically-Sound Steps

So, in three mechanically-sound steps we can embark on a life-changing journey and be on our way to grow-forward-and-experience true mastery starting with a loving embrace of exactly what it takes to generate-and-enjoy true happiness, success and love-for-life. What else is there really to do, here on earth, once we are secure with water, food and shelter? Once we have established the very basics in life, it is time to go-for and grow-for true mastery starting naturally with the generation of true happiness, success and love-for-life!

Step One: Get excited, inspired and motivated by the simple fact that you can wake-up to create meaningful, positive and loving patterns in life, even within a human-driven environment that might otherwise seem mindless, repetitive and/or meaningless. We have great power to wake up, be clear-minded, independent, positive, constructive, creative, and life-changing even while others are not yet choosing to do so. Imagine, for example, a sea of humans all walking, biking, skateboarding, driving, eating, and “socializing” all while staring down at their phones – now imagine, at first, just one person who looks up and begins to see the even-greater-picture and who sees this even-bigger-than-life opportunity to wake up, really-go-for and achieve a much deeper connection with something that much, much greater than what we can even possibly imagine!

Step Two: Build your positive narrative, one that breaks through any and all limitations set by yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your current environment and your upbringing. We must build a positive narrative that taps into our deepest sense of positive-and-creative logic and that exceeds the limits of our own imagination. For more info on this, visit www.How2LoveLife.com and begin listening to Reflections-&-Affirmations as well as Hypnotic Meditations that are both designed to help the listener achieve this goal.

Step Three: Understand that this - going for and aligning ourselves with greatness of greatness itself - is all possible because our greatest “contract” in life is not with other humans – instead, our contract is with something simply-much-bigger and simply-much-greater. Personally, I do not have adequate words for any attempt to describe-and-define what is “much-bigger-and-much-greater” because my mind is still open, but I do understand through experience that dissolving-the-ego and developing-a-positive-narrative does bring us more-and-more into perfect alignment with the greatness-of-greatness-itself and that this is likely the “only game in town” when it is time to achieve true happiness, success and love-for-life while still here on earth and still in human form.

The Return Of Ego

Ultimately, while on any journey, it is the element of “not yet knowing” that makes moving forward toward more-and-more discovery into such a worthwhile endeavor. And, when it comes to dissolving the ego, it is actually the return-of-ego along with our ability to exercise creative control over the blend of “ego” and “non-ego” we are going to utilize and experience - in any given moment - that makes being human a worthwhile endeavor. As humans we would not want to be constantly without ego just as we would not want to be constantly without the all-important sense, appreciation and utilization of ego! And further, it is our positive narrative that actually provides us with both conscious and unconscious power to create the perfect blend of ego and non-ego moment after moment. With that said, it is time to enjoy the true happiness, true successfulness and true love-for-life that we are actively earning and actively creating each-and-every-day on this collective journey and adventure we call life!


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