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Building A Positive Narrative & Feeding The Real You!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

"In this way we can learn to create and have an unconscious force guiding

and propelling us into positive action!"

Warning: Like Most Of The Content On How2LoveLife.com, This Informative Post Is Written In A Hypnotic Way. This Means That Along With Having A Very Positive Effect, It Can Also Be A Challenge To Read. However, the Benefits In This Case Are Going To Be Well-Worth The Extra Effort. Trust Your Gut and

Read Until The End To Get The Full Effect!


After living on this beautiful earth for more almost fifty years, I have finally arrived at the following formula: Positive Narratives Lead To Positive Attitudes Lead To Positive Intentions Lead To Positive Actions!

I arrived at this simple formula that changes lives by looking back at how I was able to develop and use this exact formula to change my own life, and while life did - and still does - provide plenty of "teachers" along the way, part of our ability to get to this platform of greater health, happiness and personal success requires us to first let go of any illusion that we are ever going to achieve absolute perfection. The compromise, then, is agreeing to aim for and become perfectly imperfect instead! This is the basis and invitation to grow for and achieve your own unique form of personal mastery!

Building A Positive Narrative

When readers take time to relax and read the hypnotic reflections and affirmations I have on the How2LoveLife site, they are self-programming their brains to create and reinforce the kind of positive narratives that really are going to lead to positive attitudes, positive intentions, and positive actions. The trick is building a positive narrative that your conscious and unconscious mind can both be in agreement with. Every last bit of content on the How2LoveLife site is designed to help readers accomplish this goal just by taking time to relax, read and absorb a little bit more each day. This includes an important exercise called The Big Picture Exercise which is designed to help get both conscious and unconscious minds into clear focus upon the real target!

Feeding The Real You

As daily reading on the How2LoveLife site is working to build and reinforce positive narratives, positive attitudes, positive intentions, and positive actions, you are then going to have this life-changing opportunity to begin feeding the real you! In this way we can learn to create and have an unconscious force guiding and propelling us into positive action! For example, when you eat each day - with this natural mechanism in place - you are then going to be inspired-and-motivated by a very-strong-unconscious-desire to feed only the real you.

Who, or what then, is the real you? To answer this question, just review the positive narrative that you are creating each-and-every-day with your thoughts. When you do think of the real you, more-and-more, as becoming happy, healthy, fit, youthful, intelligent, capable, loving, and adventurous (see the More and More I Am Exercise), you are then naturally going to become unconsciously-inspired-and-motivated to eat in certain creative ways that really are going to satisfy your deepest desire. And, with this natural mechanism in place, your deepest desire is simply to feed the real you with each-and-every thought and action! Once you do establish this kind of positive feedback loop, life then becomes a beautiful, creative and exciting adventure, one that is truly worth living and loving!

How To Do This

If you are now asking the question "How do I do this?" then you might begin simply with the following advice:

1) Wake Up Wisely With Morning Meditation, Found In The Member's Section Of The How2LoveLife Website, and Get Ready To Make It A Greater-&-Greater Day!

2) Self-Program Positively With Reflections-&-Affirmations, Found In The Member's Section Of The How2LoveLife Website, Anytime During Your Greater-&-Greater Day!

​3) Relax Deeply with Guided Hypnotic Meditations, Found In The Member's Section Of The How2LoveLife Website, Anytime You Really Need To Calm The Mind and/or Get Into and Enjoy Deeply Restful Sleep!


Plus, You Can Master Your Body with Tai Chi Inspired Exercises, Found In The Member's Section Of The How2LoveLife Website, and Read Helpful Articles On This Blog!


Eating, Sleeping, Exercising, Appreciating, Loving, Etc!

When it comes to feeding the real you with great quality and reinforcing your positive narrative, each category - beginning with the list above - is likely to provide its own unique invitation to learn and explore new possibilities. With that said, please allow me to introduce you to my personal consultant when it comes to matters of healthy food, nutrition and more: Andreea Fegan. Andreea holds and shares a wealth of knowledge and her high-quality work simply speaks for itself. With that said, I invite you to visit her new website (still in development): www.FeedingTheRealYou.com

Thank you for being a great part of this How2LoveLife mission to invite more-and-more people to grow-for-and-achieve full-potential in life!


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