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Pure Meditation

One day, now almost twenty years ago, I was in the middle of my daily meditation practice and it happened. And by “it” I mean that I finally experienced the kind of pure meditation that I had been reading about in books. In one moment my mind was like a glass of somewhat murky water and then, in an instant, the water went to perfectly clear. The change was instantly remarkable, and the transformation from “somewhat murky” to “perfectly clear” was undeniable. Being in this pure meditation mind-body state for the first time was a bit like my first bicycle riding experience. I did not yet know exactly what I had done correctly to experience that glimpse of success and I certainly did not yet know what the parameters were for keeping it going.

Five-Step Meditation (Scroll Down to Join Small-Group Meditation Classes Online)

The next day, when it became time for meditation practice, I was certainly looking forward to getting right back into that state of pure meditation I had experienced just one day earlier, but it did not happen. The good news was that at least I knew then, from personal experience, that pure meditation was real-and-possible and that all of my experimenting, beyond what I had read in books, was going to pay off. With that in mind, and to make a longer story short, I was guided to create and practice five-steps-into-pure-meditation that I would eventually share with many students in private and group meditation classes. This is a great formula accept that here is a catch…

The catch, in sort of a good-news-bad-news format, is this: while the five steps are very helpful to have in place when we first learn how to accomplish pure meditation, none of the written steps are actually needed. I will let you try to figure out which one of those attributes (helpful vs. not-needed) is the good news! J The mechanical truth is that when we accomplish pure meditation it is more about intention than technique. Practicing using the five steps helped me, and has helped others, generate the right form of intention and generate the right form of awareness to be successful. This is very much like the way we used to tune into a radio station in the old days. You would often turn a knob with the intention to then stop the moment you began to hear clearly the radio station you wanted to listen to. And, I might add, you could also turn that knob very carefully to arrive between stations where there was going to be complete silence to enjoy. In other words, the five steps provide, both, a practice-structure and a usable platform for us to talk about and develop the right mental, physical and emotional intentions required to experience pure meditation for your self.

Looking In All The Wrong Places

Remember this – some who have learned to meditate purely, or who have claimed as much, are giving their students in the following message. They claim that they have attained something “unique, special and rarely attainable” and that they can “try” to teach us, but that ultimately it is very unlikely that we, the forever students, will ever be able to attain anything quite like what “they” have attained.

With everything that is wrong about that message aside, that way of presenting meditation creates a much-less-usable expectation in the minds of students that says, “As we practice, are looking to find and accomplish something that is unique, special and rarely attainable.” This is a problem because those who seek to find and accomplish something “unique, special and rarely attainable” are not likely to have the right intention needed to actually experience pure meditation – they would be looking in all the wrong places. How about this instead, you already have pure meditation as the backdrop of all your waking experiences, so you only need to recognize and highlight what you already own in order to then bring pure meditation to life!

Here is a simple example: In school you most likely spent time in front of a blackboard or a whiteboard. I will use the term blackboard and say that the blackboard is that backdrop of all that is written just as meditation is the backdrop of all that we experience in waking life. So, a simple way to talk about pure meditation is to think about tuning into the blackboard itself instead of what is, was or could-be written upon it. In this way, when we tune into the blackboard itself with the right intention, it gets wiped clean for us to enjoy the pure, unwritten potential that exists during “pure meditation”. Or, when we tune into the meditative backdrop of our conscious-level experience with the right intention, our mind and body gets wiped clean for us to then enjoy the pure unwritten potential that exists during pure meditation. Separate from technique, the art of learning how to enter into pure meditation, the way I teach it, is all about learning to have the right intention!

Meditation vs. Hypnosis

In the many years that I have taught group meditation classes, I have found that most students are actually looking for an experience that is much more inline with the effects of hypnosis than pure meditation. We read about pure meditation in certain books, but when it comes down to it, most students don’t get the “Ah, that’s what I’ve been waiting for,” moment until we do our guided hypnotic meditation.

When it comes to the difference between the two, I like to think of Pure Meditation as being on one side of an experience-continuum and Hypnosis as being on the other, like this:

Pure Meditation-------------------Hypnosis

And here is a simple way to describe the difference. In pure meditation you are fully awake, aware and free to move, and in essence you are in-tune to experience the external world as directly as possible, which includes your physical body and all of your senses. In hypnosis your conscious mind is mostly in-tune with the internal / purely subjective values of your experience to the point that you might not even be aware of your body.

For example: a person who is driving a car in a state of pure meditation is going to be awake and aware enough to appreciate and enjoy the entire experience as it is unfolding. On the other hand, the moment this driver starts to “think about things” they begin sliding over toward hypnosis and they may do so “so completely” that after arriving at their destination, there is little to no conscious-level memory of the actual driving experience related to operating the vehicle. In other words, their unconscious mind did all of the driving while their conscious mind went inside to “think about things for awhile” – this is a great example of being in a hypnotic state that we have all experienced, driving or otherwise. Of course, on this continuum, there is a middle-ground, and you can learn to become mindful of your experience on this continuum in ways that then allow you to be in creative control of when you are going to experience pure meditation and when you are going to experience hypnosis. Naturally, there are going to be times in life when it is preferred to be in one state over another. So, speaking of this continuum, where are you right now? Are you in pure meditation, in a hypnotic state, or somewhere in the middle? At the time of this writing, I am somewhere closer to hypnosis, which is right where I want to be. But, in just a moment, I will slide right back over to pure meditation again to enjoy the process of traveling upstairs to the kitchen in order to prepare a healthy lunch. Then, when I return back to writing, I will naturally become aware of my shift back toward hypnosis. This is a wonderful form of mindfulness that you can begin to practice enjoyably, in the now, for the rest of your beautiful and productive life! Then to go right along with your practice of mindfulness, as you move back-and-fourth along this continuum, you can learn how to go even further into the pure meditation direction and even further into the hypnosis direction until your ability to choose and customize your mind-and-body state has been mastered!

Would You Like To Improve Your Pure Meditation?

If yes, I have a number of small-group meditation workshops that you can attend online using Microsoft Teams (the new Skype). In this series we are using my Five-Step Meditation as a vehicle to work on how to recognize and bring-to-life a state of pure meditation. Also included in this series is how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help clear a path for pure meditation to take place. Click Here To Request Details for Meditation Workshops!

Would You Like To Experience Hypnosis?

If yes, I have a deeply-relaxing Guided Hypnotic Meditation on my How2LoveLife site that, as a member, you can access anytime you want or need to have this kind of deeply relaxing escape. Plus, soon after writing this article, I will be recording what is going to be Guided Hypnotic Meditation #2 in a growing number of offerings in this deeply-relaxing series!

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