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Effortless-Body-&-Mind™: The Balanced State Of Mental, Physical & Emotional Well-Being!

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Many years ago, I learned how generate a balanced Mental, Physical and Emotional state that feels so light and feels so naturally-at-ease that I was inspired to named it Effortless-Body-&-Mind.

Someone could say that the methods for getting to an Effortless-Body-&-Mind, or EBM for short, include a combination of Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yogic Stretching, NLP, Hypnosis, General Fitness, Etc... But even deeper than those labels exists the natural design of the body-and-mind and our natural ability to enter into alignment with the greatness of this design (instead of being in conflict with it).

With that said, the following exercises are going to explore the physical side of how to achieve your own sense of Effortless-Body-&-Mind.

If learning to become an "Effortless Master" happens to be on your list of "why-nots" to achieve in this great lifetime, then get started now and begin to practice each day until Effortless-Body-&-Mind becomes your own experience to explore and enjoy in ways that are, perhaps, going to be even greater than you ever thought possible!


Swimming Dragon & Energized Rotation!

Here, in the adventurous spirit of jumping right in, are two of the most important exercises to practice until mastered!

This, mastering Swimming Dragon and Energized Rotation, often requires a valuable investment of time, so be sure to relax, have an adventurous sense of humor and enjoy every step of the way!

Go To www.How2LoveLife.Com and Become A Member To Access The Instructional Video For The Above Exercises!

Would You Like To Join Others In A Group Class, Online, To Make Sure You Are Doing The Movements Correctly? If So, Let Me Know!


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