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The Next Level - Going To Pure Meditation and Well-Beyond!

A Life-Changing, Recovered-Memory

This week I recovered a valuable and life-changing memory.  The memory is of a thought I had many years ago during the meditation portion of a martial arts class.  As far as timelines go, it is a thought that took place in class sometime after I had already "taught myself" how to enter into pure meditation at will.  

In this memory I was sitting in the meditation portion of a martial arts class thinking that if meditation books and/or my martial arts instructor had only asked me to focus-upon and practice one simple exercise, I would have learned to achieve pure-meditation much more quickly and therefore much more directly than I had through auto-didactic exploration.  

The Next Level This week, with this recovered memory fresh in mind, I tried this long-lost exercise and I was kind of blown away to discover that, for me, it works instantly, clearly and powerfully!  In fact, soon after I began to practice this once-forgotten approach again, I discovered that I was ready to go to a "next level".  It dawned upon me, in this moment, that a beautiful and powerful form of loving-awareness, I had experienced once many years ago, can be combined with pure mediation to bring in an added sense of loving, support and togetherness that is just waiting to be discovered and embraced.

Bigger Than Words

My description here is vague, I understand.  One reason that it is vague is because such a clear, loving, supportive, and bigger-than-words space is simply not easy to describe thoroughly in "human" terms. It feels much bigger and much greater than just "human" which is one of the reasons why I find this experience to be so intriguing and so worthwhile. Another reason why I have kept my description here somewhat vague is because if I just come out and describe this exercise, readers might not understand that such a simple action and that such a simplified understanding can in fact lead to such a simple-and-beautiful experience.  For me, at this time in my life, this is life-changing, but for the casual reader their response might be something more like "I just gave your exercise a shot and absolutely nothing special happened."

Enhancing Your Narrative

My personal revelation here has coincided with a recent adjustment that I made to my own personal narrative, one that in a mechanically-sound request asks for help to accomplish beautiful forms of greatness that are in fact well-beyond the limits of even our greatest imagination.  Once we have become ready in life, this request to accomplish greatness that is well-beyond the greatness of our imagination (I feel) provides power to open the door needed for us to progress to our own next-level, even while still here on earth.

Self-Reflection I have to laugh at myself.  My understanding shared here, in other articles and on my How2LoveLife site is either my greatest-personal-invention of total-fantasy created simply in order to "get through life" as if time on earth it is part of some great, meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting journey, or it really is part of the greater-truth we all need in order to accomplish true happiness, success, love-for-life, and well beyond. Either way, I will take it over alternatives that I have seen and/or experienced thus far!

Getting Our Human-Side-Of-Life In Good Order From what I have seen and experienced, it seems that we need to get our human-side-of-life in "good order" before we can then begin to truly-appreciate and truly-enjoy our deeper connection with true happiness, success, love-for-live, and the"well-beyond" (while still alive and still here on earth). Without having our [mental, physical and emotional] human-side-of-life in good order, it seems that we only "qualify" to experience glimpses-of-proof that something much greater awaits.


With that said, I invite you to start a life-changing journey at How2LoveLife.com that is going to track-for getting your human-side-of-life in good order so that you can then really go-for and really-achieve [according to your greatest potential for doing so] true happiness, success, love-for-life, and well-beyond!

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