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#1 A person once said to me during a group class, "I don't know if I really do feel this happy or if you just 'hypnotized' me to feel happy."  Well, it was true that I had been hired essentially to help this group overcome obstacles using tools like 'self-hypnosis', so I answered playfully and asked, "Now that you really are feeling happy inside, does it really matter"?  He just smiled and thought for a moment and then replied, "No, I guess it doesn't really matter!" :)  This book has unique power to help readers connect meaningfully with happiness, inspiration, motivation, and love-for-life that they already own, and to me that is very exciting!

#2 I have had people ask me, "Is it possible to be 'hypnotized' just by reading your words?  I find myself feeling happy, inspired and motivated now for no special reason, but don't get me wrong, I love this feeling, I feel great!"  And my response to this kind of question is this: Yes, every 'thought that we have' and every 'communication that we receive' comes with certain feelings and certain motivations.  My goal here, as you are reading The Adventures Of Gleb & Feth, is for you to be 'hypnotized' into finding and enjoying your 'highest self' within this lifetime, and I want your momentum to build beautifully in this regard.   With that said, feel free to read-and-re-read all of the unique content on this site with a growing understanding that you are both 'reinforcing this positive message' and making it even easier-and-easier to 'bring this positive message into manifest!

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The Adventures Of Gleb & Feth!


- A Deep Dive Into The Magical World Of Fictionalism -

- A Book About Changing Lives –

- Author, Nathaniel Fegan -


Copyright Nate Fegan 2021


  Well, they have finally done it!  After passing through many lifetimes, Gleb & Feth have both graduated with master-level honors from “Earth University”.  Now, for the first time since their celebrated and well-earned escape from the earth-realm, best friends Gleb & Feth have partnered up to embark on this life-changing journey together.  Their mission is to help earthlings wake up and discover the clear, powerful and joyful pathways that exist, pathways that lead naturally to graduation from “Earth University” and pathways that ultimately lead to one’s own ‘celebrated and well-earned’ escape from the earth-realm!  Join in now as Gleb & Feth come together to embark on this truly life-changing adventure!


Feth to Gleb: [settling down after a truly heartwarming reunion] “What was your first impression after graduating and finally escaping from the earth-realm?”


Gleb: “Hmm, at first I was most taken by the absolute sense of relief that comes right along with now knowing-and-feeling that we are finally surrounded by all that is clean, honest and… just good, for lack of a better word.   Here, it really is ‘everything that is beautiful’, and infinitely so, kind of like someone I know [smiling and gesturing lovingly toward Feth] (…).”


Feth: “[turning her head as if bashful at such a loving compliment and then recovering with a heartfelt smile] Right, here it really is ‘everything that is beautiful’ about life, and I have to say that if we had not learned so many hard-earned lessons from the earth-realm, I don’t think that we could even begin to appreciate all of this, at least not near as deeply, thoroughly and completely.  I finally feel like I am in heaven! [smiling and looking up to show her deep appreciation and relief]”


Gleb: “[laughing and smiling in agreement] Exactly, nobody really wants to go-and-grow-through all of the difficult lessons-and-challenges that the earth-realm provides, but – to your point – after doing so successfully we can then finally graduate and escape to total freedom.  And that, as they say, is ‘well-worth the cost of admission’!”


Feth: “Right, and in this case it really is true - ‘all is well that ends well’ [smiling slightly at her clever comeback using of another popular earth-phrase]!” 


Gleb: [smiling and laughing slightly at Feth being so proud of her clever comeback] “What was your first impression like?”



Feth: “Beyond what you just said, I really love, and still love, how learning here is almost instant.  Like how in just an instant after you begin to wonder, the answer just comes to you, and it does-so with such clarity-and-confidence that it feels like an awesome experience each and every time!”


Gleb: “There’s that appreciation lesson again! [laughs]”


Feth: “Right! [laughing and smiling]”


Gleb: “In our last life on earth, I remember that we were both very honest people, so-much-so that for a very good portion of your early life I think that you were probably ‘honest to a fault’.  What is it like for you now knowing that there is no such thing as dishonesty here, because mechanically it simply cannot exist?”


Feth: “It’s everything to me – and it really is such a beautiful relief now that, here, ‘people’ simply cannot hurt each other.  Everyone has their own clear-and-open space to create in and I love how collaboration takes place if-and-only-if, when, where, and for how long each individual chooses to enable it.  I love it - and now that we are off-earth, I mostly spend time with nature, family and just a small group of ‘warm spirits’ that I have gotten to know quite well through many experiences in the earth realm...


#4 Then, be on the lookout for a variety of notable features, including stories that Gleb & Feth share with eachother about people who are learning-and-growing to heal back in the earth realm!  Take a peek...

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Feth: “Speaking of graduation, how did it go with your recent case, the one with that woman who was standing right on the edge of that rocky bridge?”


Gleb: “Oh yeah… Wow, she was “one sad pet”, the poor thing.  Lucky for her, she still had a little voice left in her who apparently ‘believed’ and knew enough to ask for help.  When I received the call from that little voice, I swept in to find a woman painfully numb-and-empty standing on the edge of a natural bridge that arched high above sharp rocks and a shallow waterway down below.  I quickly scanned her life and discovered that she had been a pretty happy child before experiencing a traumatic and life-changing event at the age of twelve.  Her ongoing attempt to deal with that traumatic event included cutting-herself-off from feeling the emotional content of any memory that occurred before the age of thirteen. 


Feth: “Wow, from zero to thirteen years old is exactly the time period when we are all supposed to discover so many of the most wonderful things about life.  The joy of a loving embrace, the joy of learning new things, the happy feelings of wind in our hair, water through our fingers, sand under our feet, the sun on our skin, all of the magical aromas and flavors of life, the pure pleasure-and-relief that comes along with rolling into spring and fall, and so much more!  Cutting all of that off would most certainly…


Gleb: “…Cut us off from the pure joy of life itself.  That’s right – and, up to that point in her life, it certainly had!”


Feth: “Awe, that poor woman...”


Gleb: “Exactly…  So here is this very bright and otherwise quite successful forty-three-year-old woman who had been cutting herself off from experiencing her own innocent, beautiful and childlike joy for over forty years - it’s no wonder that on that day she found herself standing on the edge of a bridge just wanting it all to end.


Feth: “So, what happened next?”


Gleb: “Well, when I scanned her life and found that traumatic event, I also found a beautiful memory in her childhood that really stood out.  She was just eight years old and her...

#5 Gleb & Feth started a book project together, so be on the lookout for a lot of interesting-and-helpful panels as they are brainstorming and sharing ideas!  If you see a panel and have questions about that panel and/or you would like Gleb & Feth to elaborate, just send me an email and will let them know.  With that said, be on the lookout for new dialogue that is going to appear in and around Gleb & Feth's many book panels.  In this way, you are going to become a valuable reader within a uniquely interactive book experience!  Take a peek...

Gleb & Feth: Panel #2


Let Us Choose Wisely Each Day


Option One: In life there are those who are constantly complaining.  This often leads them to the creation and discovery of just more-and-more to complain about – and, this often leads them right back into the darkest realms of dishonesty and pure-lack-of-joy in order to maintain their craft.


Option Two: And, in life there are those who instead aim constantly to appreciate and enjoy.  This powerful option leads a growing person, instead, to create and discover more-and-more reasons to love life – and, it inspires a deeply adventurous momentum that grows naturally toward greater-and-greater honesty, clarity and toward the near-magical generation of more-and-more 'solutions in life' (instead of problems) that we all need! 


Now’ is always our clear-and-powerful opportunity to create and recreate something greater-and-greater in life for all to benefit and enjoy.  Let’s get started!



From ‘The Adventures Of Gleb & Feth!’

Written By Nate Fegan / www.How2LoveLife.com

#7 Another way that Gleb & Feth's readers are invited to interact is through a question-and-answer section named 'Ask Gleb & Feth!'  Be on the lookout for questions-and-answers that might help bring new clarity into your own life-loving adventure!  Take a peek... 

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Q: Dear Gleb & Feth,


Will you please help me better understand how to begin creating a positive narrative?  I feel like I need this in my life and I want to make sure that I am doing it correctly. Also, how am I going to know if having a positive narrative is working or not?





A: Hi Mike – it’s very nice to meet you! You are definitely asking the right questions and that is you winning half-of-the-battle already, so congratulations!  Now, remember that ‘imagination is the language of the brain’ and that our minds and bodies grow deeper-and-deeper into the positive narrative that we are creating and maintaining.  With that said, the next steps ‘to get started’ are easy.


1) Imagine ‘where’ you would like to be living in perfect harmony with everything and everybody around you.  Imagine this long enough to get the good-and-healthy feelings that come right along with doing so.


2) Imagine ‘how' you would like to be earning your food and shelter in ways that are going to be enjoyable and in perfect harmony with everything and everybody around you. Imagine this long enough to get the good-and-healthy feelings that come right along with doing so.


3) Imagine a variety of ways that you ‘plan to contribute’ to your overall living environment.  This can be as simple as imagining that you are going to be a nice, happy, healthy, honest, trustworthy, and pleasant person to have around town, and/or it can include more specifics like a your great plan to put personal skills and talents to work in ways that everything-and-everyone is going to appreciate and enjoy. Imagine this long enough to get the good-and-healthy feelings that come right along with doing so.


As far as getting started, Mike, the three simple steps written above are going to get your brain and body going into the right direction. Invest time each day to imagine in this way and go on to imagine in more-and-more ways that are going to grow even greater-and-greater.  Then, after a month of doing so has been wisely invested, drop us another line and we’ll talk then about how to know if your positive narrative is really working!


Here’s 'wishing yourself' all the best, and we’ll enjoy talking again very soon!


Gleb & Feth!


Six Months Later...

Another Letter Arrives From Universal-Mail-System!

Q: Hi Gleb & Feth, it’s Mike again!


I am sorry that it took so long to write back.  After reading your initial response I became very inspired to get started right away, and I did.  At first it simply felt great to imagine a better life, one where I was going to be in harmony with everything and everybody, but then for some reason I just kind of forgot all about practicing.  When I did finally remember to resume practice I began to feel really positive about life again long enough to remark to a friend and colleague that I would love to live near the Rocky Mountains.  It seemed like just a passing conversation, at first, until a week later I received a job-link from her about a professional-level position being offered at her office in Denver, Colorado!  To make a long story short, since going for a greater life was definitely fresh-in-mind and since I was feeling youthful-and-adventurous, I went for it, got it and moved right to the Rockies!  I couldn’t believe it - and I couldn't believe how quickly life really can change for the better!  I was happy just dreaming about a better life, but then after this dream came true, I began to wonder about what else I might begin dreaming to accomplish!  Then, two months after living and working in Denver, my friend and colleague asked me if I might like to partner up with her to start our own company.  Because of this line of conversation we began meeting and talking a lot, and then our meetings turned into hiking as we talked and 'dreamed' about our exciting business plans. Then, we discovered that we just loved each other’s company enough to do a bunch of fun things together without talking about business.  Ultimately, we realized that we had fallen in love with each other!  I am just blown away and I feel so thankful - life has now become a ‘greater-and-greater’ adventure and I am truly in love with it!  I believe that it all started with creating that positive narrative, which at that time in my life I desperately needed.  I am not sure if ‘thank you’ even comes close to covering it, but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Forever appreciating,


PS. Now there is not a doubt in my mind that this is the only way to go and grow forward in life, and I love it!


A: Mike, you are absolutely awesome, plain and simple – keep going-and-growing forward and ‘high-five’ from your friends Gleb & Feth!

And More!  The sky is the limit for the 'growing number' of creative ways that Gleb & Feth are going to be sharing more-and-more secrets with us for how to be truly happy, healthy, adventurous and in-love-with life!  If this adventure is right for you, then jump right in and become a valued part of our community of readers!

Gleb & Feth: Panel #3

A Clear Path To Graduation


One Of Life's Greatest Investments!


Energy that could be given to harsh-and-negative judgment of others, deserved or not, would have been pure energy taken away from the more ‘beautiful-and-masterful’ ‘forgiveness-of-self’ that we all need in order to, instead, simply enjoy having, growing and maintaining our own peaceful-and-productive feelings of happiness, adventurousness and true love-for-life!

From ‘The Adventures Of Gleb & Feth!’

Written By Nate Fegan / www.How2LoveLife.com