Welcome To Your Peaceful Place To Review This Week's Featured Reflection & Affirmation!

We have reached Reflection-&-Affirmation number 50!  I wanted to do something monumental, so I started on a life-changing topic that I had been saving for just the right occasion.  At first, I thought that this would just be a slightly longer R-&-A, and then it turned into something much more.  


With that said, This Week's Featured Reflection-&-Affirmation Is Number 50!  I am not going to say any more about it... I am just going to let fate decide whether or not you go ahead and read it!  https://www.how2lovelife.com/post/being-truly-happy-meditation-and-more

Each week, as we are aiming to wake up and experience, more and more fully, the greatness-of-greatness itself, life does in fact become greater-and-greater even when we do not yet sense that it is.  Our growing ability, then, to slow down, recognize, appreciate, and celebrate all-of-this becomes our natural skill to experience peacefulness, happiness and total fulfillment!

Until we meet again next week, enjoy!  Nate


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